We’ve just moved into a new house which has room for me and all my creativeness and the ‘stuff’ that goes along with that. Namely desks, drawers, boxes, shelves, books, computers, cables, printers and scanners…..

Which means I’ve left my other studio and subsequently, had to leave some of the furniture behind. I needed a new desk and a new chair. So, never one to shy away from giving myself too much to do and too many challenges, I decided to make my own!

For a long time I’ve loved the idea of having a trestle style table as a desk, and since I love vintage and recycled things, what better opportunity than to make my own desk out of an old door. I found a good old solid door at a recycled building supply store in Canberra and gave it a bit of a facelift. It didn’t need much, just a bit of a sanding back, a couple of coats of white and clear finish. I don’t have a ‘before’ pic of the desk, but here it is in it’s new possie, covered in stuff already. The studio is still in a bit of a transition stage – I’ve yet to put my shelves and inspiration boards up, and there are still boxes and bits lying around, but you get the idea:


I love it! it’s so long and I can fit so much on it.

That chair you see there? That was a DIY project too!

We had a couple of old veneer chairs laying around that had been damaged by the weather. So I took to one with my new power sander and a couple of tins of paint. I had the idea of colour blocking a chair for a while now. Here’s the result:



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